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Lower shaftsMounting Brackets for MR and MRC racks

MC-Rack Formula Student
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MC-Rack Formula Student

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The MC rack uses the same mounting clamps as the power racks as well as the same clevises. Like the power racks, the mounting points are located a fixed distance from the ends of the housing, which is calculated to result in the minimum possible shaft overhang and the greatest tie-rod stability. Completely modular in design, most MC configurations are available virtually “off the shelf” except for the rackshaft itself which must be custom made according to length and number of teeth required. Like all Woodward racks these units have the .750-20 pinion spline, which provides a substantially more positive engagement than the .562-36 usually found on small steering racks. To achieve equivalent light weight, the pinion is hollow.

Formula Student steering


To determine whether an MC rack can be built to fit your application, please provide the following details:

(1) Pivot center distance
(2) Total rack travel required L to R
(3) Ratio (rack travel per revolution)
(4) Pinion location relative to center
(5) Front or rear steer (i.e. whether the rack is to be located ahead of or behind the front wheels)

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